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Wilkris Appliance Corporation has been established for 15 years and is engaged in the retailing of appliances and furniture by way of installment plans. Wilkris started from humble beginnings, opening its first branch in Sikatuna Street, with just Five Employees. Through hard work and guidance from our Savior, the Company has fostered into twenty (20) branches in Visayas and twenty one (21) in Mindanao with 315 dynamic employees and 525 sales forces. Today, Wilkris takes pride in its success being one of the Dominant Appliance Store in Visayas and Mindanao.

Wilkris observes that people are its most valuable asset. Our major concerns are to encourage them to improve their physical, social, economic and spiritual well-being. In order to support this, we provide our employees with such incentives as sports activities and travel in addition to their salary and allowances. Wilkris advocates commitment, productivity, integrity, honesty, loyalty and discipline. We also firmly believe that teamwork and cooperation are the most important core values.