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February 25, 2011 - School holiday only

As declared by President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino, February 25, 2011 is a Special Holiday in the Philippines for all schools.

Under Proclamatin No. 84, this is for the celebration of the EDSA Revolution which occurred from February 22 to 25, 1986.

Business establishments other than private schools will have a normal working day and employees will be paid accordingly.

On the other hand, academic and administrative personnel employed by private educational institutions shall be paid in accordance with the rules on pay for special non-working days.

For people who don't know what EDSA means, EDSA stands for Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, where the majority of the demonstrations took place.

Just to short it up it means there will be no classes in all levels nationwide but a regular working day in the government and the private sector.
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