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To branches within cebu who still have lots of repo items

I'd like to share a website/forum that you can post advertisements, visit and check the Buy / Sell / Trade / Classifieds section and look for the appropriate sub-forum for the item you want to sell. You can also sell brand new items here, and even anything you want. This really HELPS.

But first, you must have 50 posts before you can create a new post, and reminder posts on Buy and Sell section are not counted. So, better post first on other forum like Politics & Current Events, General Discussions, and etc. Except the Humor and Buy & Sell section.

I have seen Danao branch posting there, and i think they already got customers from that site refer to this link to see their post and how they did it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your chance and create an account there now.
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