Cheap installment plans only in Wilkris Appliance


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Wondering how to pay monthly? Check our Installment Guide

Guide for Installment Plan

Before you can avail our installment plan on appliance or furniture, follow this guide:

     1. Fill up the application form and Contract
     You need a co-maker or 2, depending on your background.

     2. Complete the requirements:
  • 1 Community Tax / Cedula (original / photocopy)
  • 1 recent Picture (2x2)
  • 1 Original Proof of billing (Electric / Water bill) 
     3. C.I. for verification
     You can proceed to the next step if your application is approved or dis-approved by the C.I.

     4. Down-payment.

If down payment is received,
the item can now be claimed. If you want it to be delivered, there will be an additional for the delivery charge. (amount for the delivery charge depends on how far / near is the place)

Just a reminder, be sure to keep your official receipt for future references and to avoid future problems. 
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